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我们提供的实验室孵养器使用执行各种各样细菌学并且文化测试以各种各样的应用。 在两标准并且定制的规格它是可利用的符合科学家的具体要求从专业研究应用。 在所有科学,设计和教育中心和实验室孵养器发现是应用。 热化完成与从高端筒形加热器被设计以易于瓦数的间接供暖系统。 它保证均匀地分布空气在房间中使用自然大会过程。 温度是5摄氏度在周围的温度之上,是到7摄氏度。


  • 里面温度由敏感性+0.5控制o好C。
  • 面板符合开关
  • 它有热化和扼要显示器灯
  • 它符合一个酣然的水力类型德国人温箱



  • 生物化学的研究
  • 细菌开化和研究
  • 食物处理质量管理
  • 庞大的路辗用具
  • 血液学研究
  • 配药稳定分析用试样
  • 微生物学的决心


我们, KERONE通认作为提供实验室孵养器的各种各样的类型,发现它的对细菌学的申请,并且文化测试执行每日以各种各样的应用的其中一位深刻制造商。 标准和定做我们提供两个的大小模型,我们的专家根据所有我们的顾客设计它从个体需要到专业研究应用组织。

  • 热化:
    • 间接供暖系统在我们的单位提供,包括空气加热器由适当的瓦数制成高等级筒形加热器。 温暖的空气均匀地被分布在房间中通过自然大会。
  • 温度范围:
    • 温度我们的细菌学孵养器是5°c在周围温度和范围之上对7°c。 Despite that we have the capacity to alter the same to suit the specialized requirement of our valuable clientele.
  • Temperature Sensitivity:
    • The temperature inside our advance bacteriological incubators is measured with a sensitivity of +0.5°C.
  • Front Panel:
    • The Front panel of our units has an of on/off switch with a main heating indicator lamp and a temperature controller/Thermostat
  • Temperature control:
    • The bacteriological incubator’s inside temperature is controlled either through micro or solid state processor or through hydraulic type German thermostat (sensitivity ±2°c)

Application Areas

Some Most Common Application Areas of our Laboratory Incubator are:

  • Bacterial Culturing and Research
  • Bio-chemical Studies
  • Bulky Roller Apparatus Application
  • Food Processing Quality Control
  • General Purpose Incubator Applications
  • Hematological Studies
  • Microbiological Determinations
  • Pharmaceutical Stability Assays

As we are supported by a team of dedicated engineers and allied professionals the entire engineering of the incubators is done as per the stated guidelines. High grade stainless steel and allied metals are used in the fabrication of the chambers and other parts of the chamber to protect it from abrasion, rust and all other sorts of damages. The heating systems provides indirect heating and this unit has air heaters of suitable wattage, which lets the warm air to be evenly distributed throughout the entire chamber through the natural convention process.

Temperature Specifications :

Inner Chamber(WxDxH)

Volume Liters

30x30x30 cms

27 ltrs

35x35x35 cms

45 ltrs

45x45x45 cms

95 ltrs

45x45x60 cms

125 ltrs

60x60x60 cms

224 ltrs

60x45x90 cms

252 ltrs

60x60x90 cms

336 ltrs


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