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Industrial Dryer

Offered Industrial Dryers are applicable for the conditions where there is need to remove or reduce the water & moisture content. These are functional as the effective, efficient and highly controllable dryers with speedy & controlled response time. The dryers can capably take out the water/moisture content from the physicals affecting any chemical or biological property of material. Suited for drying a variety of items, which can not be dried under direct temperatures, provided products are operated with electricity. Serviceable as the industrial immersion heaters, the Industrial Dryers are compact & simply controlled units and are well appropriate for several industries such as chemical, textile industry, pharmaceutical, air-conditioning, nuclear etc.

Key Points :

  • Rendered with high speed of heating that lessens the total processing time.
  • Commendable for durability and functional efficiency, preferable for consistent heat distribution in the inner chamber of sterilizers as well as electric autoclaves.
  • Featured with smart user interface, which can execute the temperature correction-
  • Efficient modes of heating up assorted liquid solutions in large tanks, processing equipments, and containers in umpteen industries.