Foundry is a major industry with its unique processes and methods. We give solutions for core drying and hardening of foundry moulds etc. We serve for various foundry applications including Drying of casting moulds, De-waxing of casting moulds, Hardening of foundry moulds, and more allied. 

With self-contained heating cavity, the production is improved and secure. There are advantages like uniform heating, speed, energy efficiency and innovative drying methods. Our products help maintain color, finish, or moisture. 

Technology Options:

We meet your specific material requirement and provide various technological options. You can choose from Batch type process / Replaces Tray Dryer, Continuous conveyer dryer, Frequency / RF or Microwave, Vacuum assisted E-drying, etc. 

Textile Industry 

There are various primary concerns with the production of yarn drying, wool drying and cloth drying etc. Textile products should be uniformly heated throughout the process. We offer dryers for effective design, manufacture of clothing etc. They are economical, efficient and effective. 
Applications in Textile Industry:

We serve for many processes in the Textile Industry. This includes Thread drying, Drying/heating of textile webs, Heating of cotton reels, Loose stock Dryers, Fabrics drying, and other textile applications. 


Here the self-contained heating cavity insures improved & secure workplace environment. Its advantages comprise zero radiated heat loss, uniform heating, decreased energy consumption and efficiency. 

Technology Options:

Frequency (RF / Microwave), Continuous conveyer dryer, Batch type process, Air or Hot air drying, Vacuum assisted drying, and Hybrid approach.   
Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry has various essential operations like granulation, powder making & drying, polymerization, and liquefying etc. We provide efficient heating / drying equipments for the pharmaceutical processes. They offer benefits like properly shaped granules, pollution free product, purity improvement, no heat loss and absence of microorganisms. Here the drying is faster and effective.  
Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry:

Electromagnetic heating equipments: Pharmaceutical granulation, Tempering, Wet granules, polymerization, Tablet granulation, Melt granules, Aqueous film coating, pharmaceutical powder drying, Liquefying, Pasteurizing, and Sterilization etc. 
Chemical Industry

In a chemical manufacturing plant, drying of final product like dyestuff or intermediate is essential. Drying offers several advantages such as: no impurities, reducing germ count and pollution free product. Various types of products can be dried like alkalies, silicates, and waxes carbonates etc. Also, we offer different technological options to meet clients' specific requirements. These comprise hot air assisted dryer, continuous conveyor dryer, and more. 

Our electromagnetic heating & drying units are applicable in many chemical processes. They cover processes such as Catalyzing, Calcinations, Curing, Heating, Drying, Conduction, Convection to dry, Evaporation, Incineration, Foaming, Expansion, Reacting, Melting, Sterilization, Starch Treatment, Liquefying of high-viscous chemical material, and others.

You can heat or treat different materials/products including Binders, Adhesive, Polymers, Resins, Bio medical waste, Inks, Clay, Cobalt carbonate, Powder silicon, Ceramic coloring material, Water mixtures of manganese oxide, Silicates, Phosphates, Pharmaceutics, Pesticides, Pigments, Fermentation media, etc. 


  • Improved product characteristics
  • Reduced environmental problems
  • Pollution free and pure final product
  • Destruction of microorganism
  • Improved workplace environment 

Food Industries

Electromagnetic heating is helpful in many food processes, like softening, post bake drying, defrosting and roasting etc. We manufacture safe and efficient heating equipments for food industries. Our technologies ensure important properties of food products, such as color, shape and smell.

Applications in the Food Industry:

Electromagnetic heating is effective for drying, moisture control, baking, coagulating, pasteurizing, sterilizing, defrosting, softening, tempering, melting, roasting, partial cooking, puffing, dehydration, thermal processing, stabilization, blanching, enzymatic inactivation, and caramelization.


  • Safe, hygienic, clean, and Eco-Friendly
  • Low temperature sterilization
  • Extends the shelf life of materials / products
  • Kills fungi, viruses, bacteria, spore forms, etc.
  • Excellent workplace environment, easy operation & maintenance 
Powder Drying

Powder drying is an effective method of making dry powder from liquid or slurry. It performs rapid drying with a hot gas. A number of food products and chemicals are used, preserved in powder form. A few examples are pharmaceutical powders, egg powder, fruit powder and milk powder. We offer innovative equipments for fast, safe and effective heating of the products. 

Our equipments are useful in drying of several powders like Medicinal powder, Pharmaceutical powder, Ceramic powder, Milk powder, Egg powder, Silicon powder, and Cheese powder etc. Also, they are applicable in drying of Powdered Vegetables, Spices, Herbal powders, and Fruit Powder.


  • Safe and productive workplace environment
  • No radiated heat loss
  • Uniform heating of different powders
  • Fast, efficient & Eco- friendly 

Other Industry

In addition to the aforementioned industries, our heating equipments are practical in many other industries. Our Electromagnetic Drying and Heating Units are versatile, and have numerous uses and applications. Some more industries we serve are following: Paper, Ceramic, Wood, Glass, Plastic, and Rubber. 

Paper Industries

For Drying, Pre-Heating, Heating, Adhesive Coating, Ink Drying, Decorative paper making and Paper decoration.

Ceramic Industries

For Pre-Fire Drying, Sintering, Heating, Pre-heating, Curing, Cauterization, Mould removing, Surface treating, Hardening, Burning of Ceramics and Ceramic Surface Treating.

Wood Industries

For Foaming, Drying, Modifying, Pre-treatment, Upgrading, Adhesive Curing, Wood bending, Wood Joinery, Moisture removal, and Gluing.

Glass Industries

For Moisture removal, Varnishing, Chopped strand, Tempering, Melting, Drying, Roving packages, Forming cake and Glass fabrics

Plastic Industries

For Heating, Melting, Polymerization, Pretreatment, Curing, Spraying, Treating, Recycling of plastics & waste, Forming, Shrinking of plastic semi-products, Plastic treatment, and Shaping of polyester material.

Rubber Industries

For Rubber vulcanization & de-vulcanization, Rubber curing & melting, Heating of rubber bundles, Pre-heating of seals, Drying of polyester bands, Heating of rubber semi-products, Drying of rubber-coated nylon bands, Renovation of tires, etc.

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